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A Little About Us

About Our Drive

We are dedicated long time Christ Loving Christians who have been looking for a way to give back some of the Gifts we have an in this area. We love working with the skill we have been blessed with and generally love what we do. We see this as a way to provide an extremely well put together package of solutions that we hope will help Churches offer an easy to use and professional appearance for what they do. We hope that Churches benefit and in turn people can be saved by our actions with our skill set. We know not everyone is skilled to stand before people and preach, but we also recognize that packaging our skill this way will help people "at the coal face" deliver their vision for their own Church. We hope that we can be a support to you!

Motivators for Us

  • Acknowledging our Gifts
  • Valuing our Time and Skills
  • Understanding Church Needs
  • Being Resourced to Offer Services

Who Are We?

Who is Behind Us?

Why this Service?