Easy News Updates

Automatically update your news directly from your blog...

Churches need a way for News and Information to be published regularly and Easily. With this in mind, we have packaged some tools and technologies that really make this process simple. Anyone with the most basic of computer skills can publish images and articles that will automatically populate your churches website and our resources automatically.

In the past, people have struggled with creating web content. Technologies like HTML and URL images paths have at times made the publishing of news articles a job for experts. Not with our system... it's a pleasure!

We have focused on keeping things Easy with:

  • Easy Image Posting
  • Easy News / Articles
  • Automatic Publish at Set Date / Time
  • Searched by Google and Indexed Automatically
  • Ready for iPad Browsing (it's Heavenly ;) )
  • Automatically Feeds into Twitter / Facebook etc
  • Category Controlled Content
  • Expiry Dates and Times

We feel we have separated the publishing of News and Articles into it's own technology, just to keep it simple, and to empower the Church staff with few skills to be able to contribute. This turns out to be a really great way to keep your website looking great, while still having contributions from people who have a lot to share but no skills ordinary to contribute. Easy church web design and news publishing remains the goal here!

Make church news simple by linking your church website to your church blog and have it automatically update.

Advanced Blog

WordPress is a Blog "Engine" that we have selected to include in the Church Website package that we have put together. As a News Publishing technology, WordPress is a clear leader.
When your church is online updating your news is simple, our church website solutions allow you to connect to your church's blog and update automatically.

Easy & Flexible

Combining WordPress with powerful and Easy to use tools, we allow anyone to contribute News content to their Website, Blog, Social Media, and iPhone / iPad Apps. All automated from a single simple tool.
Simple is best when it comes to church news, update your church website from your blog.


We have allowed the publishing of any popular media. News, Images, Video, Podcasts and more. All into one simple place that automatically pushes the information out to your other resources.


  • Church News
  • Church Events
  • Weekly Sermons / Podcasts
  • Study Notes and Downloads
  • Your Beliefs and Teachings
  • Social Postings
  • Contacts and Members Details
  • Photos and Images
  • Videos and Movies
  • Studies and Resources
  • Teachings and Notes
  • Prayers and Requests
  • Needs and Charity
  • Works and Blessings