Easy Content Management

Manage your own own website with a simple CMS...

We build church websites on a robust and secure Content Management Systems (CMS). This ensures that the updating and management of your website content is easy, fast and can be done from literally anywhere in the world and on any computer or device.

All you need is an internet connection and a web browser, and you can edit and update your church website's content with ease.

We have over 30 custom written software add-ons to the CMS web system that add features like sending email messages to your entire congregation, or helping to mange a database of contacts to share with all the Church staff.

There are many ways that we have customized the CMS to specifically server Church needs. These include:

  • Congregation Database / Phone Directory
  • Simultaneousness Database Access and Sharing
  • Congregation Email Contact 
  • Login and Security of Staff Data
  • Login and Security of Public Data
  • Sharing of News / Blogs
  • Sharing of Podcasts and Multi-Media
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Online Donations / Tithing
  • Online Training / Courses
  • Online Sales of Resources
  • Congregation online Forum
  • Prayer Needs contact form
  • Calendar Publishing / Sharing
  • Bible Study Resource Downloads
  • Congregation Tasks Assignments
  • Frequently Asked Questions

There is much more than listed here. It's not really necessary to attempt to cover everything you can dream up. If you have a specific need, then please contact us, we would be only too happy to help provide a way forward.

Make updating your content simple through our simple church website solution.

Easy & Flexible

Flexibility is vital if there is any possibility that you will want to do more with your website in the future. We know you don't necessary know where you will end up with your online presence when you start.  
Content for your church website doesn't need to be hard, edit it yourself with out church website solutions.

Easy to Use CMS

Content Management Systems let you control your websites content from any web browser. We have specifically selected a CMS system that is both easy to use and secure. DotNetNuke CMS
It's simple to get your church online with our church website hosting, everything is taken care of and all you have to do is update the content.


We have ensured that we have covered all the common features that Churches are likely to desire. But... we have also ensured that we have not limited the extend that the services can grow with you!


  • Church News
  • Church Events
  • Weekly Sermons / Podcasts
  • Study Notes and Downloads
  • Your Beliefs and Teachings
  • Social Postings
  • Contacts and Members Details
  • Photos and Images
  • Videos and Movies
  • Studies and Resources
  • Teachings and Notes
  • Prayers and Requests
  • Needs and Charity
  • Works and Blessings