Easy Communication

Our focus is letting you communicate with your church...

Communication is undoubtedly the single most important focus of any Church, or at least should be. We hope and believe that all of our services and packaged technology will help you use your church website to this end.

Technological communication is what we are all about. It is were we are gifted, and where these gifts come to bare fruit. With the Church Website Host / News and Blog / iPhone and iPad App, and integration into social and bulk communication services. We empower you to communicate as well as the best! And shouldn't it be that way for a Church!

A raft of tools will be at your disposal to communicate however you see fit with our church website solutions. Communication includes everything mentioned on the other pages of this site, as well as: 

  • Email Communications
  • Communication Tracking
  • Online Forums
  • Online FAQ
  • Feedback Forms and Tracking
  • Sharing / Telling a Friend
  • Share to Twees
  • Share to Facebook
  • Instant Messaging
  • Event Organizing

With these services come some tools that others would envy. Like our Bulk Email system that automatically handles word documents and converts them to email messages, making the creating of email content Easy. Or the automatic tracking of links or images clicked in the messages sent, letting you see not only how many people but exactly who is interested in the linked information. These tools really do make communication state of the art and easy at the same time.

Make communications on your church website simple.

Easy News Posts

Feeding news and updates from easy to use software, directly to your news feed sources. This in turn automatically streams YOUR information out across the web automatically to different locations.
Communication can be simple with our church web solutions.

Easy Email

Using custom written software to send and track Bulk Email communications to any number of subscribers to your site. With the ability to automatically send updates as your content changes.
Simplify communications with our church specific solutions.

Easy Sharing

With a full range of communication based sharing options. You can stay in touch contact easily with people and they with you. Easy to use feed back forms, tell a friend software and more.


  • Church News
  • Church Events
  • Weekly Sermons / Podcasts
  • Study Notes and Downloads
  • Your Beliefs and Teachings
  • Social Postings
  • Contacts and Members Details
  • Photos and Images
  • Videos and Movies
  • Studies and Resources
  • Teachings and Notes
  • Prayers and Requests
  • Needs and Charity
  • Works and Blessings