Easy Social Networking

Easy Social Networking

Reach our with our social media integration...

Social Networking is with us, and loved by the younger generation. Many people are aware of the basics, but don't really understand how to engage those who use the technology.

We understand the increasing importance and potential usefulness of the Social Networks, and have taken the time to include the automatic sharing of information into your Church Social Network.

News feeds and other posted information will arrive in Tweets and Facebook posts which in turn will run into Mobile iPad / iPhone Apps, including the Church App. All Automatically and all with ease.

Flicker, Youtube and Podcasts will feed into your Church and share video and pictures into your other social post and News / Blog Website. This in turn also feeds into the Church App.The Social Network Integration includes:

  • Outlook Social Connectors
  • Twitter Posts
  • Facebook Post
  • Automatic Link Shorting
  • Automatic iOS App Feeding
  • Flicker Image Feeding
  • Youtube Video Feeds

This is another great way to use the popular technologies and make them work for you, to share your message. And why not, they are there, free and others are heavily involved. We just make it easy for you to effectively share and participate.

Make social simple, let your church website automatically update your church social network sites like facebook and twitter.

Easy Posting to Facebook

We know there are a range of Social Networks, but Facebook is a clear Leader in it's class. We have automated the posting of News information to your Facebook to reduce time required to cross post.
Social has never been simpler than when your church website automatically updates your church social network sites.

Easy Twitter Posts

Easy Automation is our goal. So we have created a way to make news posts that will auto Tweet the posted information to your Social Network. This keeps the Twitter followers well informed.
Simple is the name of the game when connecting your church website with your church social network.

Easy Social Networking

We have custom tools to help you create a vibrant Social Network. Tools like our Outlook Social Connector that integrates with your website and website guests to engage and encourage to join.


  • Church News
  • Church Events
  • Weekly Sermons / Podcasts
  • Study Notes and Downloads
  • Your Beliefs and Teachings
  • Social Postings
  • Contacts and Members Details
  • Photos and Images
  • Videos and Movies
  • Studies and Resources
  • Teachings and Notes
  • Prayers and Requests
  • Needs and Charity
  • Works and Blessings